Wisdom University - Dr. Nasir K. Siddiki

Vision Statement: Bring God's success principles to life through the Word.

Teaching God's success principles
Bringing God's purpose to success
Equipping God's leaders with wisdom

Vision: Funding the end time harvest through God's successful people.

Working as an arm of the local church, the vision of Wisdom Ministries and Wisdom University is to teach God's principles of success.  The principle of God's success is His wisdom and the purpose of the success is to fund the end time harvest.  Using the Word of God, Wisdom Ministries and Wisdom University brings God's success principles to life.  It is our desire to see believers walking in God's principles of success in every area of their lives, marriage, family, business and reaching others with that success.

Mission: Wisdom Ministries and Wisdom University desire to touch the world with God's wisdom.

We are reaching the world through:
  • Semi-annual Wisdom Conferences
  • Wisdom seminars focusing on and reaching business people
  • Ministry in local churches and conferences around the US, Canada, England and Africa
  • CDs, DVDs and Books teaching God's people success principles
  • Television - Broadcast around the world on over 20,000 television stations
  • World Missions - Contributing financially to mission projects around the world
  • World Crusade and Pastors Conferences