Wisdom Course 130: Marriage - A Fresh Start

Note: The tuition for these courses at the undergraduate level is $50 per credit hour and each course is 3 credit hours, the total cost of each course is $150. For tuition discounts, please contact Wisdom University through the contact us prompt.

Does your marriage need a fresh start?  A fresh start means a fresh look at the only book we can build a successful marriage on – the Bible.  A great marriage doesn’t happen by itself – we have to follow God’s plan.  Join Dr. Siddiki as he explores fresh ways to apply time-tested truths to your marriage.

Dr. Siddiki says, “The foundation of a godly, sexual relationship has to be unselfishness.  You have to be more concerned about your spouse than yourself…When you do it the world’s way you will have an unfulfilled marriage.  Instead, invite Jesus into your marriage, and your bedroom.”

In this fresh look at marriage husbands will learn:

• Loving your wife is a measure of how you love yourself
• Not honoring your wife will hinder your prayers
• Making love starts in the morning when you clean the dishes and take out the garbage
Wives will learn:

• Your husband will melt like butter when you defer to him
• A wayward husband is won over by his wife’s godly lifestyle
• Praising your husband opens his heart to you

Love is an action word and the foundation of a godly marriage.  Marriage-A Fresh Start is your first step to having the great marriage you and your spouse have always desired.